The CEGEP system was created in 1967 and is made up of a network of 48 public educational institutions across Quebec. It constitutes the first level of higher education in the province.

CEGEP is unique in that it offers a mix of pre-university and technical programs that prepare students for either university or the job market. No matter what program they enroll in, students also take general education courses, several of which are the same for everyone.

Between 1967 and 2010, CEGEP enabled more than 1.6 million young Quebecers to obtain a college diploma, 44% in technical programs and 56% in pre-university training.

As the CEGEP system has celebrated its 50th anniversary, this unique educational model continues to serve us well by contributing to Quebec’s present and future development.

Quebec has the highest postsecondary graduation rate in Canada among 18- to 34-year-olds: nearly

of Quebecers in this age group hold a postsecondary diploma compared to 29.9% in Ontario, 25.5% in British Columbia, and 25.1% in Alberta. Haut

CEGEP is an important economic, social and cultural tool that contributes to community vitality, both in urban centers and in Quebec’s regions.

Through general education courses, CEGEP produces critical-thinking citizens who are informed and open minded. Through technical and continuing education programs, CEGEP trains students to become qualified workers who are of vital importance for Quebec businesses and organizations. Through pre-university programs, CEGEP serves as a valuable springboard to university. And through the research conducted at the College Centres for the Transfer of Technology, the CEGEPs contribute to the acquisition of knowledge and the advancement of science.

For students, CEGEP is more than just a school—it’s a full-fledged community that constantly strives to meet the diverse and changing needs of young people with respect to their academic success and retention, health, and well-being.

Vidéo Haut

students obtain their DCS
(diploma of college studies)
every year.

To stay competitive, businesses and organizations depend on qualified workers with up-to-date training in their specialty.

Employers in many fields face a challenge recruiting qualified personnel because their needs exceed the number of graduates available. That’s why businesses and organizations are eager to hire CEGEP graduates.

All CEGEP technical programs are developed and regularly updated in collaboration with labor market representatives to ensure that students learn the skills that businesses want and need. Not only does a college diploma offer outstanding employment prospects for young people, it ensures that the businesses that hire them are satisfied with their skills and what they bring to the team.

Ultimately, everyone benefits from the widely acknowledged quality of CEGEP training.

CEGEP graduates have a

placement rate, with 84% working in a field related to their training, and 82% working full time. Haut

CEGEPs are found in all of Quebec’s regions and help maintain young people in communities they would have left to study elsewhere. Studies show that young people who leave their region often don’t go back, but CEGEP allows them to study close to home and acquire the qualifications they need to find work nearby or go on to university.

Before setting up shop in a region, businesses assess labor availability and potential access to training and skills upgrading programs to determine whether they will be able to hire newly trained technicians and provide additional training to their existing employees.

CEGEP is a passport to employment for young people in every region and a boost to the productivity and competitiveness of local businesses.

Vidéo Haut

of employers appreciate
the skills of CEGEP technical
program graduates and are
satisfied with their
work performance.